Journey Into Entrepreneurship

Journey Into Entrepreneurship

April 20, 2021 • Work

Recently, I was reflecting on my initial decision to leap into entrepreneurship. Starting my own business wasn’t something that I wanted to do just because it seems like the thing to do nowadays. Rather it was me committing and following through on a desire that was embedded in me at a young age. I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher, and back then, I thought it meant that I would have a classroom full of children. While that didn’t turn out to be the case, I am able to see that I have been teaching all along in various capacities and settings.

There have been countless individuals that I have connected with from all walks of life (mostly at work). I have interacted with many people who have felt like they weren’t capable of doing or being any better than they already were. So many people have experienced some type of hardship that left them feeling as though that success wasn’t an option for them.

It can be challenging to break that type of mindset, but it isn’t impossible. I have a heart for people, and I really want people to see better, and know better so they can do better. Being in a corporate environment, I was limited in what I could do, but anytime I had an opportunity, I would plant a seed of hope. But I wanted to do more.

There was a defining moment in my life where I realized that working within someone else’s restrictions was no longer fulfilling. Getting a steady paycheck is a blessing, but not at the expense of feeling boxed in.

I knew it was time for me to go, but I just didn’t know how! I had no great revelation on where to go, and to be honest, I didn’t want to go anywhere else because I didn’t want to transition from one unfulfilling place to another.

I wanted to do things that mattered and spoke to the totality of who I was minus the red tape. I was tired of having to suppress parts of me for the satisfaction and comfort-ability of others (that is a whole different blog). All along, there was a faint voice telling me, “Start your own, Brittany.” I just didn’t know how… I didn’t have the money, I didn’t have all of the pieces, so I wrote it off. Despite my unwillingness to move in confidence, God knew what he had placed inside of me and He was ready for it to come out. He pushed me out of the nest, I spread my wings and went from fight to flight.

It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. This was a little over 2 years ago, and I have never looked back unless it was out of amazement at how far I have come.

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